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Humanity’s Diet Makes A Difference, Historically As Well As Futuristically

July 25, 2014
On the timescale of evolutionary history, paleo enthusiasts note, agriculture is a fad. Credit Illustration by Mike Ellis.

On the timescale of evolutionary history, paleo enthusiasts note, agriculture is a fad. Credit Illustration by Mike Ellis.

Since practically day one of this blog we have been hungry followers of Elizabeth Kolbert’s New Yorker chronicles, even though they are, frankly, almost always depressing.

Nonetheless, as in this not-at-all-depressing chronicle, always interesting:

The first day I put my family on a Paleolithic diet, I made my kids fried eggs and sausage for breakfast. If they were still hungry, I told them, they could help themselves to more sausage, but they were not allowed to grab a slice of bread, or toast an English muffin, or pour themselves a bowl of cereal. This represented a reversal of the usual strictures, and they were happy to oblige.

Read more…

Bird of the Day: Boreal Chickadee (Denali National Park, Alaska)

July 24, 2014

Peaberry Coffee

July 24, 2014

Mostly standard coffee beans (some Peaberry beans may have snuck in!)

A friend from the Doka Estate (on Doka see our most recent post on coffee) visited Xandari yesterday to tell us more about the process of growing and preparing coffee from seedling to cup. We’ll go into what we learned in more detail in another post, but for now I wanted to share something interesting I learned about different types of coffee–specifically about the type of coffee called “Peaberry” (or caracoli). Read more…

The Yamfly Butterfly

July 24, 2014
Photo credit : Jose K

Photo credit: Jose K

Yamfly butterflies are found across India and are commonly seen in the Western Ghats. They are especially numerous during the monsoon season in damp forest patches. This species has reddish orange bordered with black on the upper sides of the wings and a lighter yellow on the bottom. At the back of the wing, Read more…

Musical And Photographic Patrimony

July 24, 2014

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We are always moved by exhibitions that intersect our interest in cultural and historical patrimony, as in the case of this event at the Foley Gallery (which comes to our attention thanks to the New Yorker‘s coverage of the arts):

Lisa Elmaleh first heard Appalachian folk music in 2010, and “it stirred something in my soul,” she told me. Since then, she has followed folk musicians from Ohio to Georgia, capturing them with her nineteen-forties Century Universal 8 x 10 camera and the hundred-and-fifty-year-old tintype process. Read more…

Yes, We Can

July 24, 2014
Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

Food trials at 51 are a permanent condition, thankfully, because we are on the constant search for ever-better vegetarian meals.  This definitely qualifies:


The Ultimate Veggie Burger

It’s difficult to make a veggie burger with great flavor and a firm, succulent texture. This is how you do it.

Bird of the Day: Lineated Woodpecker (Xandari Resort, Costa Rica)

July 23, 2014

Photo Credit: Seth Inman


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