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September 19, 2014

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It has been some time since we posted on the topic of altruism, but it is one of the words we come back to directly and indirectly nearly every day, one way or another. We watch out for our own stories to explain this phenomenon. Raxa Collective works in locations categorized as developing economies. Some among our ranks are from so-called developed economies, with among the highest per capita incomes in the world, while others among our ranks are from economies at the other end of the per capita income range.

A consensus has developed among those of us who have worked across a spectrum of countries, a consensus which we considered a bit of a paradox (and a completely unrealistic and unfair generalization, but still we noticed it this way), that poorer people do more surprisingly generous things considering that they would seem to have less with which to be generous.

Read more…

Roots and Seeds at Xandari

September 19, 2014

Back in the beginning of July, James and I helped José Luis plant some Bourbon coffee seeds so that they would eventually become seedlings that could be put in bags to grow into saplings. Now, after months of watering and patience, many of the seedlings are finally beginning to emerge. As more and more of them germinate and create their shoots, we’ll be putting them into the bags with soil to wait another year before planting them in the ground at Xandari.

Plenty of other plants have been productive over the last couple months: Read more…

Bird of the Day: Srilankan Frogmouth (Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala)

September 18, 2014

Srilankan Frogmouth by Sudhir Shivaram - RAXA Collective

Floating Fences

September 18, 2014

At Spice Harbour boats aren’t the only colorful item floating past the property on a daily basis. While the water hyacinth is lovely, it can also clog the water ways and make boating difficult to manage when it piles up along the edges and eddies of the harbour front.

We hired local fisherman to create a floating bamboo fence Read more…

Bird of the Day: Great Egret (Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka)

September 17, 2014

Great Egret by Anukash - RAXA Collective

A Night Walk in the Osa Peninsula

September 17, 2014

I recently went on a night walk in the rainforest of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, looking for frogs, snakes, and other nocturnal animals with a great wildlife guide who knew the area well. Although we didn’t see any mammals or the famous deadly Bothrops asper viper known as the “terciopelo” in Spanish (velvet) and “fer-de-lance” in French (spearhead). We did, however, see numerous frog species and at least two snake species, although we could only identify the six or seven Cat-eyed Snakes we saw.

There were also some basilisk lizards getting bit by mosquitoes, a large spider similar to a tarantula, a dragonfly larva in the water, and plenty of frog eggs. At one point we turned off all our flashlights to try to find a glass frog (pictured below) and noticed some bioluminescent mushrooms, which were impossible to photograph in the dark and look pretty dull in the light. Although I’ve forgotten the names of the various frog species featured in the slideshow of the photos I was able to take below, I hope you enjoy Read more…

Bird of the Day: Greater Flamingoes (Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat)

September 16, 2014


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